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Come See Our In-store Camillus Cutlery Museum and Knife Collection

Located in the Village of Camillus, NY, USA - Across From the Old Camillus Cutlery Building

  Upcoming Event
Camillus Collector Show & Sale
 Free Admission!!
A day dedicated to Camillus Cutlery knives, history, employees and collectors
Bring Items to Buy/Sell/Trade
Call 315-320-4122 for Vendor Table Information
Camillus Fire Department
Saturday, August 11th 2018
5801 Newport Rd, Camillus, NY 13031

​Visit the below link to watch a c ommemorative video "Camillus Cutlery Memories" on the history of Camillus Cutlery and the employees that made the company a success. 
Created by Davey Rockwell, son of Pete Rockwell and nephew of Wallace Rockwell.

This folding knife repair video was shot the weekend of the Camillus Knife Collectors Show in August 2017 by Rick Masters. The editing and final video is by my nephew Davey. Great job as always, thank you both Rick & Davey.

The below Custom Fixed Blade Knife Assembly video was shot and edited by my nephew Davey Rockwell as well. Thank you Davey.

The following video was located on YouTube by my brother-in-law Jack Chatfield and features a woodcarver by the name Rick Butz, who is carving a toy with a Camillus #18 Jack Knife. The video contains great manufacturing footage on a tour of the Camillus Cutlery.

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The Brothers Rockwell


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