The Brothers Rockwell grew up in the Village of Camillus, NY walking by Camillus Cutlery every day on their way to school.  In 1975, at age 19, Wallace Rockwell began working at the Cutlery grinding blades in the grinding room and eventually working his way into management.  Having held various positions in management, Wallace eventually created the Custom/Model Shop, which made all the prototypes, samples and custom cutlery at Camillus. Wallace was also in the Technical Department and was responsible for the more custom products that ran through the Cutlery.  Wallace was still running the Custom Shop when the Cutlery closed in 2007.  He has continued in the Cutlery business since then by building custom cutlery, repairing, restoring, buying and selling production knives. 

Brother Pete has many years of experience in business management having relocated to Reading, PA for his management position years ago.  Pete always had the intention to return home to Central New York.

In 2015 Wallace and Pete decided to bring their collective talents together and collaberate on the venture to "Bring the Edge" back to Camillus, NY with their Rock USA Cutlery Store.

The venture was two-fold; to bring a service back to the Village that had been lost when the doors of the Cutlery closed in 2007 but also an opportunity to bring some history back to the Village through an historic Camillus Cutlery Museum collection. 

This collection includes photographs and memorabilia from the Cutlery as well as an extensive collection of Camillus cutlery ranging from the 1800's through 2007.  The collection is on loan from collector Greg Cobb of Greene, NY.

The Museum is dedicated to the late Tom WIlliams; long-time Camillus Cutlery employee and official historian.